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Here’s what our clients had to say about their experiences using Trio Real Estate Group…


“We worked with Mike to help find us a place and were very satisfied. Of all the brokers we talked to, Mike clearly wanted to help us find an apartment.  When the one we originally wanted to look at went quickly he was able to find another very close to the same price and in an area we absolutely loved. Of course we’d rather have not paid a fee, but at least we paid one to a person who we know earned it.  Good job!”

– Jeff D., Belmont, MA

“I was recommended by staff at Bank of America in Coolidge Corner to work with Corey Brock. He was never late to a viewing appointment and sent me listings that were in line with what I was lookin for. He works very hard around the clock and was willing to show whenever I want/need. He was very responsive even while on vacation, pretty much can be reached anytime from early morning to late at night (he called me at 10 pm when there was an offer on the place we were interested in). He was able to provided me with recommendations for lawyer, inspector, and associated professionals. He took care of all the phone work, very minimal work from my part. We brought a place within a month working with Corey.”

– Paul P., Brookline, MA

“Dave helped us get our first Rental Home here in Belmont after moving from Australia a few week’s ago. As most of the Real Estate and Banking practices are different here, the process was more complicated than usual and we had many questions about how to do things along the way. Dave was/is always prompt to answer our queries, pleasant, patient and thorough in all our dealings with him, and has indeed gone above and beyond the call of duty. Highly recommended.”

– Kylie D., Belmont, MA

“When choosing Trio Real Estate Group ask for Mike DeStefano!  We needed an apartment fast and he was quick to respond.  The communication was constant and really made us feel like we were number one on the list!  Mike was extremely professional with both us and the realty group the landlord was working with.  We especially liked his honesty, humor, and get-it-done working style!  The Trio Real Estate office is also a great experience because it is a completely relaxing environment.  When the time comes for us to buy a home Mike and Trio Real Estate Group will be getting a call!”

– Saunya M., Newton, MA

“After many failed attempts with other agencies, Trio stepped up to the plate and produced on all levels. I was able to view several properties on short notice and our agent negotiated a great deal. The transaction was very smooth and timely, if/when I move again I will definitely be using Trio. Moving is stressful enough, having the right agency on your side makes all the difference in the world.  Good work to all that participated.”

– Matt W., Belmont, MA

“We had a great experience working with Adam from Trio. We did not know the area of Watertown, but were shown a number of great places relative to our search needs. When we found the perfect place Adam went out of his way, working overtime, to help us put together our application on short notice and even went to bat for us with the owner. Everyone at the office was friendly and we knew we had walked into the right place.”

– Stefan S., Watertown, MA

“We worked with Adam and were very satisfied with his efforts. In a very short period of time Adam was able to determine our interests, locate a great apartment and finalize terms. Adam went the extra mile to make sure we were comfortable with the price, area, etc.  He even negotiated in a washer & dryer, which was huge because we didn’t have our own. As with the other reviews, paying a fee to be shown in apartment is not ideal, but Adam did right by us and I would happily recommend him and Trio Real Estate Group in Watertown.”

– Drew Z., Watertown, MA

“Alex was fantastic! He was very dedicated and on spot when showing us places in our price range in the area we wanted to live in. He’s extremely professional and friendly, someone who took the time to get to know us and our needs. He went out of his way for us multiple times and I will definitely want to work with him again next year!”

– Mackenzie F., Boston, MA

“Working with Abby Jacobs was the best!! Most real estate people tend to be a bit creapy with strange social connections. Abby was professional, easy to work with, and defianatly on our side. Normally I am anti-fee aparments but if was completly worth the money.”

– Aurora O., Cambridge, MA

“I highly recommend anyone who needs an agent to work with Adam Stivaletta! He was amazing to work with and got the job done in one day. He found us our dream house including everything we asked for plus more. He was dedicated, professional, and motivated to find us the perfect place to live. The level of professionalism I encountered at Trio Real Estate was above and beyond any other agency. The amount of integrity and respect between the agents was remarkable and presumably the reason why Adam was so successful.”

– Anna A., Watertown, MA

“I would recommend Trio Real Estate to anyone looking for a quality apt. Corey runs a class act organization and is very responsive to his tenants needs. I moved into a Trio apt a year ago, and I am going to be starting my 2nd year in the same place because of 2 things: 1) The apartment is a great find in the perfect area for me at a good price and 2) Trio has been great about taking care of any issues we’ve ever had with maintenance/apartment cosmetics and they do it fast! Whether I stay in the same apartment after this year or decide to move elsewhere, I plan to use Trio regardless.”

– Max L., Allston, MA

“My experience with Trio Real Estate Group has been better than with any other realty company I’ve encountered. I worked specifically with Corey when acquiring my apartment, and he has been so accommodating to me during these first few months in my new apartment. He’s helped answered all of my questions that have come up, as well as taken care of several maintenance issues with extreme haste. He’s always available via phone and/or email, and reassures me not to hesitate should I need to contact him for any reason. I’ve also spoken with other staff members at the main office who have also been extremely kind and helpful. I could not be happier with my unit and the support I know I have from Trio while I continue to stay in this apartment.”

– Rachel G., Boston, MA

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